Much Ado about Ominopd

On Thursday we had our appointment with the CDE. We go to the Endocrinology clinic every three months. Sometimes we meet with the Endocrinologist and other times we meet with the nurse, dietitian and/or social worker. We are lucky that our clinic is only 15 minutes away. Some families drive hours for their appointments.

When we get there a nurse checks her blood sugar and her blood pressure They get her height and weight. They also check her injection sites. We hand in our meters and go over our log book making adjustments if necessary. At this visit Eliza finds out her A1c which is her average blood glucose for the past 2-3 months. Since Eliza was honeymooning her A1c was below her goal. Now that her numbers are getting all wonky her A1c will not be as low.

We were all excited to talk about getting on the Omnipod and were about to hook her up for a saline trial when the CDE said that her current basal needs are too low for the Omnipod. They are too low by just a smidge. The pod administers insulin in 0.05U increments.  So you really can’t get 1 unit on the Omnipod you would get 1.2 units.  It is close… very close. We looked into doing a 0u  but that isn’t an option on the pod.  Needless to say I left the appointment feeling pretty bummed. After getting suggestions from other parents on the CWD board I think we could make it work.  I am still kicking myself for deciding to wait, but hopefully we can make it happen sooner rather than later.

We are looking at her numbers and possibly making some adjustments. I’ll update on that more when I am not so tired.




About Danielle

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Monmouth University in New Jersey. After graduation Danielle spent five years teaching at the elementary level. Two of those years were spent in Kindergarten where she employed the ASL alphabet as a tactile approach to teaching the alphabet and site words. Danielle witnessed how learning to sign gave the students a sense of pride and enhanced their overall learning. While pregnant in 2007 Danielle read about the benefits of signing with babies. Her daughter Eliza was born in September 2007 and Danielle started consistently signing with her at around nine months of age. About a month later Eliza signed “baby” for the first time on a family vacation and her signing took off from there. In August 2009 Danielle’s son Jude was born. With the help of big sister Eliza teaching Jude to sign was a blast. Ever since her daughter’s first sign, Danielle has studied ASL and continues to grow her vocabulary on a daily basis. Through ASL Danielle has formed a close bond with both of her children. She has seen firsthand how signing reduced her children’s’ frustration level and consequently reduced the number of tantrums. Danielle hopes to help others experience the same joy with their little ones. To inquire about My Smart Hands classes and workshops Danielle at
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