Eliza’s Crunchy Granola Balls

We adapted this recipe from Eliza’s Dishing it Up Disney Style Diabetes Cookbook. I didn’t buy this book, it was given to her at during her hospital stay and we have made several of the recipes with success.  We made their version and it was too sweet so we reduced the amount of honey and chocolate chips.  We also omitted the 1/2 cup nuts that were added in the original recipe mainly because I forgot abut them the second time around and felt they didn’t really add anything.

We measure them out with a melon baller to get them to be about the same size. We often use these if Eliza is below her goal of 110 before any activity that will be high energy over an extended period of time ie. beach, park, bike riding etc. We weigh the ball and multiply it by carb factor .51. I figured out the carb factor by adding up the total carbohydrates in the recipe, weighing the final recipes and dividng the toal carbs by the weight in grams. This makes it a breeze to figure out the carbs per ball.  We do our best to mix everything well to avoid any one ball having a ton of fruit or chocolate chips. I then place them in the freezer on a cookie sheet until frozen and then transfer them into a freezer safe container.  I freeze so that i don’t eat them all on the kids.

Eliza’s Crunchy Granola Balls

Old Fashioned Oats 3 Cups

Honey 1/2 cup (original called for a cup of honey)

Nut Butter 1 cup (Eliza likes Peanut Butter)

Chocolate Chips 1/2 cup

Dried Fruit 1/2 cup (we us dried blueberries usually)

Ground Flax Seed 1/2 cup

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About Danielle

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Monmouth University in New Jersey. After graduation Danielle spent five years teaching at the elementary level. Two of those years were spent in Kindergarten where she employed the ASL alphabet as a tactile approach to teaching the alphabet and site words. Danielle witnessed how learning to sign gave the students a sense of pride and enhanced their overall learning. While pregnant in 2007 Danielle read about the benefits of signing with babies. Her daughter Eliza was born in September 2007 and Danielle started consistently signing with her at around nine months of age. About a month later Eliza signed “baby” for the first time on a family vacation and her signing took off from there. In August 2009 Danielle’s son Jude was born. With the help of big sister Eliza teaching Jude to sign was a blast. Ever since her daughter’s first sign, Danielle has studied ASL and continues to grow her vocabulary on a daily basis. Through ASL Danielle has formed a close bond with both of her children. She has seen firsthand how signing reduced her children’s’ frustration level and consequently reduced the number of tantrums. Danielle hopes to help others experience the same joy with their little ones. To inquire about My Smart Hands classes and workshops Danielle at danitamez@mysmarthands.com
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